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Starting from the experience gained in the field of production systems from renewable sources connected to the grid, Elpower has developed the family of PCS CLEANI- SLAND, for the management of the grid connected or off grid storage systems. In the Industrial and Commercial scale in which Elpower operates, essentially two types of storage systems are provided:

  • connected in parallel to a renewable source production plant (photovoltaic, wind, etc) on the a.c. side of the PCS; it is defined storage in a.c .. The PCS manages the charging and discharging of the battery and can be connected to the grid or to a micro-grid
  • connected in parallel to a renewable source production plant (photovoltaic, wind) on the d.c. side of the PCS; it is defined storage in d.c.. The PCS manages the charge and discharge of a battery and the renewable source plant and usually it is connected to a micro-grid or it supplies off-grid loads In any case, CLEANISLAND is able to operate both in “grid following” and “grid forming” mode, switching from one to the other without voltage drop. CLEANISLAND can manage different types of batteries: Lithium Batteries, Redox Flow Batteries, Salt Batteries. CLEANISLAND is a DSP (Digital Signal Processor) based converter system, specifically designed for energy storage application and basically present two working modes:
    a) Grid Following – in this working mode the PCS is used as a grid tied inverter to connect the energy Storage system to the grid or micro-grid with the capability of charging the batteries and/or to support the grid in feeding the loads.
    b) Grid Forming – in this working mode the PCS become the master grid generator; it feeds the micro-grid (allowing the operation also to the connected renewable energy system) or local loads taking energy from the batteries


• Grid forming and following
• Black start
• Ramp rate control
• Power factor correction
• Load and peak shaving
• Off Grid/Microgrid
• From microgrid to industrial power, Cleanisland gives you the power you need when you need it
• Voltage control and droop
• Power factor control
• Reactive Power (VAR)
• Frequency regulation and response
• Peak shaving
• Load shifiting
• Accurate and fast ramp rate control
• Black start and EPS
• On Grid/Grid Services
With ultra fast response bi directional 4 quadrant operation, Cleanisland offer Active and Reactive power services to both industrial and commercial operator