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Remote Control

Remote Control & Data Logging Devices

Green Itec products can be integrated with a local or remote system of supervision which can be implemented by combining in different ways the elements written below:
Supervision software
PC embedded fanless supplied with SSD, USB, RS232
Router 4G

Here are the possibilities offered by combining these elements:

Data Displayed in real time: Display of values of the machine working status, among which voltage and currents on grid and generator side, power, energy, temperatures, anemometer data, machine status, and faults, events, records, etc…
Data Logs on the PC: saving data in csv file type containing all the values of interest on the inverter. The default sampling interval is 1 second and is customizable from 0.5 to 2 seconds. The log analysis allows to obtain detailed information during the whole time in which the machine remains in operation status.
Setup reading and modifications: It is possible to read and in case modify the set up of the machine and the torque curve to be followed by the generator. It is also possible to import and export configurations and torque curves.
Updating inverter software: Updating and in case personalization of the software.
Mail sending: Sending of mail messages about the machine status, indications of blocks, no grid, production levels, etc…
Remote Access: it is possible a remote look up of the pc embedded by the supervisor. It is possible to access by remote mode (any internet spot, tablet or smartphone) to all data in real time, download data logs, modify the setup and the curve.
Cloud control on custom server: Data exchange with customer server via HTTP