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Wind/Solar 10 kW

Combined 10kW VAWT and Solar

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Wind turbines are clean power harvesters converting the kinetic energy of the wind into electric power by rotating about their either vertical (VAWT) or horizontal axis (HAWT). VAWTs do not need to be pointed into the wind, which removes the need for wind-sensing and orientation mechanisms. In addition, different sizes can be placed in one system architecture to reach the combination needed. The primary application of wind turbines is to generate energy using the wind. Hence, the aerodynamics is a very important aspect of wind turbines. Like most machines, wind turbines come in many different types, all of them based on different energy extraction concepts. Though the details of the aerodynamics depend very much on the topology, some fundamental concepts apply to all turbines. Every topology has a maximum power for a given flow, and some topologies are better than others.

The sun is the ultimate source of energy in the near future. Everyone recognized the glistening panels on rooftops or the arrays covering someone’s backyard. These are common sights, but this is only part of what is driving the industry and the world into greener living. Solar radiation may be converted directly into electricity by photovoltaic cells. In such cells, a small electric voltage is generated when light strikes the junction between a metal and a semiconductor or the junction between the two different semi-conductors.





Green ITEC unique system Headings and Specs:
The VAWT developed by Green ITEC is custom made to suit the installation location wind regimes even at low wind speeds.
These vertical axis systems outperform the traditional large HAWT’s in urban regions with turbulent wind profiles due to their ability to run smoothly, independently from the wind direction. The latest turbine designed by Green ITEC combines both wind energy and solar energy to get the at most possible green energy from the wind and sun.








Features of the vertical wind turbine and logic functions:
• Off Grid/Microgrid
• From microgrid to industrial power, Cleanisland gives you the power you need when you need it
• Grid forming and following

  • Black start, Ramp rate control, Power factor and voltage correction and control
    • Load and peak shaving
    • Boosters

When the system operates in automatic mode (controlled by EMS), 3 main operating modes can be identified
1. Grid following
with battery charging via renewable sources The PCS follows the grid or the grid formed by external sources (e.g. Gensets) on the AC side and uses all the energy provided by the renewable sources to charge the batteries.
2. Grid following
with battery charging via external sources When a scheduled grid forming time slot is required and batteries are not charged enough, the EMS informs the PCS to use the grid or the external power sources (genset) to charge the battery
3. Grid forming
When the battery is charged, the EMS informs the PCS to use storage and renewable sources to form the AC grid and supply the plant loads, the EMS turns off the gensets.



Remote Control
Green ITEC products can be integrated with a local or remote system of supervision which can be implemented by combining in different ways, the elements written below: Supervision software PC embedded fan less supplied with SSD, USB, RS232 Router 4G

  • Data displayed in real time:
    Display of values of the machine working status, among which: voltages and currents on grid and generator side, power, energy, tempe- ratures, anemometer data, machine status and faults, event record, etc.
    Data logs on the pc:
    Saving data in csv file type contai- ning all the values of interest on the inverter. The default sampling interval is 1 second and is customizable from 0.5 to 2 seconds. The log analysis allows to obtain detailed information during the whole time in which the machine remains in operation status.
    Setup reading and modification:
    It is possible to read and in case modify the setup of the machine and the torque curve to be followed by the generator. It is also possible to import and export configurations and torque curves.
  • Updating inverter software:
    Updating and in case personalization of the software.
    • Mail sending:
    Sending of mail messages about the machine status, indications of blocks, no grid, production levels, etc.
    • Remote access:
    It is possible to do a remote lookup of the PC embedded by the supervisor. It is possible to access by remote mode (any internet spot, tablet or smartphone) all data in real time, download data logs, modify the setup and the curve.
    • Cloud control on custom server: Data exchange with customer server via HTTP.

Green ITEC Energy System stands for longevity, maximum performance and top quality. Highly integrated solutions for wind turbines, PV power plants with varying system structures provide you with maximum flexibility in implementation and options for expansion at all times. That gives you the highest possible yields for over 20 years and guarantees maximum return on investment.

Green ITEC offers, Power Plant Manager: Smart energy manager that operates in conjunction with Green ITEC Monitoring and is responsible for communication and overall system monitoring. in addition to,
● Maximum energy yield
● Quick profit
● Increased competitiveness
● No commodity price risk


VAWT system Headings and Specs:

Base unit:
– Easy integration on already built structures
– Space Free, below the turbine
– Gentle handling of products
– Easy access to maintenance
– Light and robust materials, resistant to climatic conditions


Boosters and Blades:
Wind booster leads low-speed wind to blades of wind turbine with higher impacts. The booster effect in wind turbines is a phenomenon where the wind speeds up as it passes through the rotor blades, resulting in an increase in power output. This effect occurs because the rotor blades create an area of low pressure on the downwind side, which draws in more air and causes the wind to accelerate.
Wind booster enhances mechanical performance of vertical axis wind turbine. Guide vanes of wind boosters are optimally adjusted by alternating direction method.

Which involves changing the angle of the vanes at regular intervals to ensure that the wind is effectively redirected towards the rotor blades. This method allows the wind to be directed towards the rotor at the optimal angle, which helps to increase the efficiency and power output of the turbine.
Main Advantage:
– Wind Speed Profiles
– High efficiency due to its improved blades aerodynamic design
– Smoothly running in urban regions and independently from wind direction
– Emitting low noise levels (<36dB)

Solar System:

Thanks to the mechanical design of the booster, the VAWT developed by Green ITEC allows combining wind and solar power to increase the energy output of a renewable energy system by providing a wide area to install solar panels on top of the wind turbines and to be connected to one system

Solar Inverter:

The all-in-one residential three-phase TRIO-5.8, 7.5 and 8.5 kW inverters deliver performance, ease of use and installation, monitoring and control. With their 98% peak efficiency and wide input voltage range, the residential TRIO inverte

r means flexible installations and powerful output.

Product Highlights
• Three-phase bridge topology for DC/ AC output converter
• Transformer less topology
• Two independent MPPT channels for TRIO-7.5/8.5 allow optimal energy harvesting from two sub-arrays oriented in different directions (one MPPT channel for TRIO-5.8)
• Flat efficiency curves ensure high efficiency at all output levels enabling consistent and stable performance across the entire input voltage and output power range
• Wide input voltage range
• Remote inverter upgrade
• Reactive power management
• DC switch version available (-S)
• Natural convection cooling for maximum reliability
• Outdoor enclosure for unrestricted use under any environmental conditions (IP65)
• Sliding cover for the easiest installation and maintenance
• Data logger and smart grid functionalities integrated on expansion cards: – PMU expansion card option, with external sensor inputs for monitoring environmental conditions and additional RS-485 for Modbus protocol – Ethernet or VSN300 Wifi Logger card (optional) with integrated web server – Availability of auxiliary DC output voltage (24 V, 100 mA)

Solar Panels:

Shingled bifacial solar panels have several advantages over traditional solar panels:
A- Higher Efficiency: Shingled bifacial solar panels have a higher efficiency rating than traditional solar panels due to the increased amount of sunlight exposure on both sides of the panel.
B- Greater Durability: Shingled bifacial solar panels are less likely to crack or break due to their overlapping design, which provides greater protection against weather and other environmental factors.
C- Improved Aesthetics: Shingled bifacial solar panels are designed to be more visually appealing than traditional solar panels, with a sleeker, more modern look that can enhance the appearance of your property.
D- Reduced Shading Loss: Because shingled bifacial solar panels can generate power from both sides, they are less likely to be impacted by shading from nearby trees, buildings, or other objects.
E- Increased Lifetime Energy Production: Shingled bifacial solar panels can produce energy over a longer period of time compared to traditional solar panels, which can result in greater lifetime energy production.

Battery Storage:
Battery storage systems provide remote regions with a reliable supply, covering up to 100% of their needs with sustainable energy and reducing harmful emissions. With their grid-forming properties, the Sunny Central Storage battery inverter and the intelligent Power Plant Manager plant control ensure that utility grids are 100% stable and guarantee an all-round supply that conserves resources.

WECO batteries is an Italian company based in ITALY at Viale J. F. Kennedy, 113, 50038 Pianvallico FIRENZE.
They are manufacturing patented unique Lithium cells as well as Lithium battery banks in their factory that is 100% owned by them.
WECO offers the following specificities making their Lithium batteries outstanding compared to other manufacturers:
– Warranty 10yrs or 7000 cycles, whichever comes first, under conditions of DoD 90% at 1C charging 1C discharging.
– After 10 years or 7000 cycles whichever comes first WECO warranty that the batteries capacities will be great than 75% of its initial capacity. – Batt can handle peak discharge of 2C for 5 seconds.
– Batt can be discharged 100% DoD. – Up to 15 batteries in parallel can be connected without the need of BMU.
– Approved by highest authorities: Bureau Veritas – TUV – UL – SGS – USAS as well as Middle East: ARAMCO – Dubai Electricity – ALFANAR – TAWAL – STC – To insure its customers an entire useful life cycle even in any situation Weco has engaged a Re‐insurance company “UNIPOL” to cover the value of all sold batteries during all the warranty time period of 10 years/7000cycles as per warranty document.
– Active BMS with integrated Bluetooth and WIFI showing all batt data including Number of used cycles.
– Possibility of installing batteries stackable one above the other in a self‐standing configuration without the need of a cabinet.
– All Weco5K3‐XP batteries are Dual voltage and can be used with 52Vdc Low Voltage inverters as well as up to 1000Vdc High Voltage inverters.

Output and Production efficiency:



Expected power production rates based on 24 hours solar and 24 hours wind as reference






Combined System Rating

Solar Wind Solar kW Wind kW Total kW ROI 0.4/kwH
kW 5 5 10
kW/day 120 120 240
kW/year 43800 43800 87600
10% 10% 4380 4380 8760 11.4 years
15% 25% 6570 6570 13140 7.6 years
20% 20% 8760 8760 17520 5.7 years
20% 25% 8760 10950 19710 5 years
20% 30% 8760 13140 21900 4.5 years
20% 40% 8760 17520 26280 3.8  years
20% 50% 8760 21900 30660 3.2 years
20% 60% 8760 26280 35040 2.8 years



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