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By means of the Green ITEC monitoring software, it’s possible, by
the connection of a PC to the RS 232 interface of the
CLEANISLAND PCS, to display all the operating parameters
including the supplied power and energy, to display the alarms
and to activate the data logging. This function allows to acquire
the main operating parameters with 0,5 sec frequency; an Excel
file is created each hour and all the daily files are stored into a
dedicated folder.
It’s available, as option, a remote control kit composed of an
embedded PC and a 4G router mounted into the PCS cabinet.
The monitoring software running inside the PC allows to have
the a.m. functions also from remote.
Moreover the remote control kit allows Green ITEC to give a
support for the commissioning and for the after sales service
from remote, because with the monitoring software is also
possible to modify the set-up and the firmware and to manage
the on board oscilloscope. These functions are only available for
Green ITEC technicians.
A RS 485 interface is available to communicate with MODBUS
RTU protocol.
As option is available a communication electronic card that
increase the connection capability as follows: 2 x RS 485, 2 x
CAN BUS and 1 x TCP/IP.


EMS consists of 2 main parts:

  1. Dedicated hardware with embedded watt-meters, digital and
    analog I/O, RS-485 communication interface, RTC
  2. Plant monitoring software running on a Windows based
    embedded PC
    The plant management logics (priority of power sources, timings,
    ..) are implemented in the firmware of the EMS board and can be
    parameterized via software.
    The dedicated hardware allows to control external sources
    (e.g. genset) via I/O and/or communication interface like
    Modbus and to have 2 three-phase measurement points (for
    example loads and power supply) or 6 single-phase points.

When the system operates in automatic mode (controlled by
EMS), 3 main operating modes can be identified

  1. Grid following with battery charging via renewable sources
    The PCS follows the grid or the grid formed by external sources
    (e.g. Gensets) on the AC side and uses all the energy provided
    by the renewable sources to charge the batteries.
  2. Grid following with battery charging via external sources
    When a scheduled grid forming timeslot is required and
    batteries are not charged enough, the EMS informs the PCS to
    use the grid or the external power sources (genset) to charge the
  3. Grid forming
    When the battery is charged, the EMS informs the PCS to use
    storage and renewable sources to form the AC grid and supply
    the plant loads, the EMS turns off the gensets.