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Inverters have been designed specifically for grid connection of variable speed renewable source power plants using a permanent magnet synchronous generator or excited synchronous or asynchronous.
Green ITEC’s inverter is a comprehensive system built in a cabinet without transformer, with a double inverter configuration with DSP. The contactors are controller by a safety circuit. The cooling fans are controller by a temperature sensor so as to minimize consumption for their own maintenance and their functioning’s continuously monitored to prevent damage through their malfunctioning

Consists essentially of:

Automatic Circuit Breaker
EMI Filter
Mains Contactor
L-C-L Filter
Three-Phase IGBT AFE Inverter
C Filter
Generator-Side Three-phase IGBT Inverter
Generator-side contactor

The Inverter’s Design Has Placed Special Emphasis on Reliability

Total Elimination of the electrolytic capacitors; particularly the capacitive filter between the two inverters has been made with film capacitors with a life span, under operating conditions of 500,000 hours

Tropicalization of the electronic cards and use of industrial standard extended temperature components on them

Fans with a life of span of 50,000 hours, the system is complete of a breaking chopper connected to the d.c. bus of the double inverter, to manage a prospective breaking resistor.

In the wind field Green ITEC contributes its knowledge of the process by developing, together with the customer, integrated solutions to turbine management issues in various functioning situations in relation to the characteristics of the turbine itself through the study of dedicated logics. Furthermore the notable overload inverter capacity means that gusts of wind can be exploited.