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Identifying the need
  • Feasibility study
  • Needs Identification
  • System planning
  • Fundamentals analysis
  • System Operational Requirements
  • Maintenance and Support concept
  • Performance measures
Preliminary Design
  • System functional analysis
  • Synthesis and allocation of design criteria
  • System and subsystem analysis
  • System synthesis and definition

Thinking about the end before the beginning of the production.

Detailed Design and Development
  • System and product design
  • System and product model development
  • System prototype test and evaluation
Product Use and Support
  • System assessment, analysis, and evaluation
  • Modification for correction and product improvement

Where training for the personnel is provided by our company At Green ITEC, clients’ consent is of utmost importance. We ensure that by getting their approval before each decision is taken. Moreover, our goal is to give the clients the chance to optimize the product in any form or way they want, while ensuring sustainability, and environmental compliance, where we can reach up to 0% CO2 emission.