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Middle East incur more difficult and expensive energy supplies, therefore, developing renewable energy to supply energy and reduce CO2 emissions. However, most of renewable energy sources, such as wind and solar, are intermittent and variable sources of power.

Keeping up with industry news

The Renewable Energy industry is growing rapidly and it is important that we have the knowledge of the latest developments in order to remain at the cutting edge of the industry. Watching and reading the news was a great way to keep up with major changes in the Renewable Energy industry, and our research and development department made it easy to explore and update specific topics, such as Solar Photovoltaics or Wind Power. Expert knowledge is invaluable during projects, interviews and pitches, and identifies us as proficient in the field.
This was far from the only way that kept us up to date. Renewable Energy organizations, such as the Renewable Energy Institute, disseminate the latest sector news each day, from announcements of major global directives to national achievements in Renewable Energy.