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Pumped storage hydropower, or PSH, works like a giant battery. A PSH facility is able to store the electricity generated by other power sources, like solar, wind, and nuclear, for later use. These facilities store energy by pumping water from a reservoir at a lower elevation to a reservoir at a higher elevation.

When the demand for electricity is low, a PSH facility stores energy by pumping water from the lower reservoir to an upper reservoir. During periods of high electrical demand, the water is released back to the lower reservoir and turns a turbine, generating electricity. 

Storage technology relies on the proven and mature Pumped Hydroelectrical Storage but in reduced dimensions.


•475 housings in Tannourine El Faouqa (200 occupied in winter)

•8 hours/day of electricity from EDL

•3 generators of 250kVA

•Located at 1400m high