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Middle East incur more difficult and expensive energy supplies, therefore, developing renewable energy to supply energy and reduce CO2 emissions. However, most of renewable energy sources, such as wind and…

By means of the Green ITEC monitoring software, it’s possible, bythe connection of a PC to the RS 232 interface of theCLEANISLAND PCS, to display all the operating parametersincluding the…

Inverters have been designed specifically for grid connection of variable speed renewable source power plants using a permanent magnet synchronous generator or excited synchronous or asynchronous.Green ITEC’s inverter is a…

Starting from the experience gained in the field of
production systems from renewable sources connected
to the grid, Green Itec has developed the family of PCS
CLEANI- SLAND, for the management of the grid
connected or off grid storage systems.

Manage and connect energy. Intelligent use of solar power. The Energy System Large Scale combines all the energy flows and system components in your renewable energy

Mechanical Engineers have played a key role in enabling the world’s transition to clean energy and more sustainable practices